Our Brooms


All brooms are handmade at the Factory, using 100% millet and quality Tasmanian oak handles.

Woolshed 7 Tie Cane Centre

Woolshed 7 Tie Cane Centre – The addition of a strong Cane Centre makes this broom ideal for outdoor areas

No 1 Tumut 7 Tie

No 1 Tumut 7 Tie – The perfect indoor broom

Traditional 6 Tie

Traditional 6 Tie – Slightly smaller than the No 1 Tumut, the Traditional 6 Tie is great for indoors too

Caravan Broom

Caravan Broom – Smaller size broom suitable for the caravan or tent

Kids Toy Broom

Kids Toy Broom – With a shorter handle that’s easy for small hands to maneuver, the Toy Broom is the perfect present for the kids


Whisk – Great for getting into all those nooks and crannies in your house 

121 responses to “Our Brooms

  1. Hi just wondering if anyone in south east Queensland sell your beautiful millet straw brooms,as we would really love to get one or two of them

  2. I just saw the article on your factory & lovely brooms on Better Homes & Gardens. What lovely products, & all handmade in Australia! Good in you – keep up the good work!

  3. Anywhere in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast selling your Brooms ? We r in northern NSW

  4. I just watched the better homes and gardens story on your fantastic product.
    What a wonderful story and superior product.
    It makes me want to sell them.
    Will certainly be ordering for family and friends.

  5. Hi There,
    I just watched your story on Better Homes & Gardens and I would like to know the cost of your hand made brooms?
    Very inspiring,

  6. Hi,
    Just saw you guys on Better Homes and Gardens! I often complain to my husband it’s hard to buy a proper broom. Do you guys have any stockists in Northern NSW or Southern QLD?

  7. G’day!
    Just saw your brooms on Better homes and Gardens.
    How do I buy one of your brooms?
    Can I pay by visa?

    I live in in Sydney, can I pay for shipping and you send a broom suitable for seeeping leaves on concrete surfaces?


  8. Hello. I am in Coffs Harbour…is there anywhere near here that stocks your brooms? Thanks

  9. Gidday,

    I was wondering if you gents have anyone in Brisbane selling your brooms? Am looking to buy a couple.


  10. Hi,
    Just saw the segment on Better Homes and am hoping you have someone in Townsville that stocks your brooms?

  11. Hello, could you please tell me the price of your woolshed brooms? Thankyou!

  12. Just saw your story on Better Homes and Gardens can you buy these brooms in Brisbane. I need a good outdoor broom.
    Which would be the best one to buy please?

  13. I just saw you on Better Homes and Gardens. Is there anywhere on the Dunshine Coast you can buy your brooms please. Eileen

  14. Hi gents just saw the story on BHG and love your work. Do you have a stockest in Townsville Queensland 4810 please?

  15. Just saw your story on BH&G. Hats off to you both, made me proud to be an Aussie! Your craftsmanship and pride in what you do is superb. I am just so sad I can’t buy one here in Melbourne as no way do so need 10! Take a bow fellas!

  16. Hello, just seen your factory on Better Homes and Gardens and would love a Broom, do you sell in Hobart TAS?

    Thank you

  17. We just saw your brooms on better homes and gardens. Definitely purchasing one for our kitchen and 1950’s Bondwood caravan. We will get ours from Kew. So awesome! Sam and Wayne

  18. Hi,

    I’m having trouble purchasing a Woolshed 7 Tie Cane broom online. Can you please point me in the right direction?



  19. Hi Rob or Geoff, Can you please let me know where I can buy a Broom form Orange nSW? or how much is a box of 12 -Woolshed 7 brooms – shipped to Orange NSW?

  20. Hello-luckily I was able to obtain one of your brooms in Perth due to having a friend of a friend’s daughter (Kyra McDonald-Zac’s daughter) kindly drop one off to me when she travelled to Perth recently.
    Great broom and much, much better quality than those cheap and nasty import lookalikes. I bought one out of desperation after finding I couldn’t easily get any of yours here. After the 4th sweep a clump of the millet ‘fell out’ of the broom-really cheap and nasty and I wasn’t a happy camper but deep down probably expected it.
    If you need a distributor in WA let me know !
    I’m sure they’d sell well here.

  21. Hi; are Tumut Brooms still operating? I’ve used your brooms for 25 years now and need a few more. They’ve always been the best. I’m in Canberra, so will drive over to collect.

  22. Hi how are you? I was wondering if you have anyone selling your brooms near Lismore NSW thanks Lisa

  23. I have an ancient whisk. It is just so useful but unfortunately almost worn out. I wish I could send you a photo. It would have to be one of yours as the wire arrangement on the handle is exactly the same. I must have had it for at least 40 years.
    Cheers, I will order another one.

  24. Hello There Makers of Beautiful Brooms!

    I run a kindergarten and childcare centre in Albert Park, Victoria and I’d love to order some of your brooms for our staff for adults and children please!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you

  25. We love your brooms! However after many years of hard service our Woolshed broom needs to retire. We live on the Northern Beaches Sydney. Do you still attend any of the local markets here? or have a stockist thisside of the harbour? Happy to Mail-order too.

  26. Is it possible to visit your factory in Tumut and watch the processes you use to make a broom? At the same time can you purchase a broom at your factory?

  27. Hi could you please tell me if there is a stockist of your brooms in the Albury/Wodonga / Corowa area?
    Cheers, heather

  28. Hello, I am wondering if there are any shops stocking your brooms near Katoomba or Mittagong in NSW? Thank you very much. PS we love our Tumut broom that was given to us as a gift and want another.

  29. Hi I love your brooms and have worn out more than a few over the years. All my grown up kids have them too. The grandkids love the smaller one – it gets a good workout! Do you still go to Hall Markets, as I have bought them there before. Also have you ever thought about branching out and making a really good cobweb broom. They are hard to find and I know you would make something solid that would last. Thanks!!

  30. Hullo happy to have 12 for personal use.

    Can we mix and match?

    Prices to country Victoria please



  31. Hello
    I wish to purchase your number 7 broom. If there is a limited number of order I would welcome it for gifts for the family for a year. Could you please let me know of availability and price.

  32. Hi Heather Wortes…I would like to know where I can purchase one of your brooms in Perth…..I have had it with brooms made in china…there last no time at all…
    Nolene Berry

  33. I remember visiting your factory on a school excursion, would have been about 1970. I have been the gardener/handyman on a property near Canberra for the last 11 years and would not use any other broom than yours. A quality product

  34. Hi there, could you please advise if there is anywhere in SE Qld where I can buy your brooms. Thanks!

  35. Hi
    Love my Tumut Broom purchased in Albury two years ago. The handle has broken in two but the broom is still in good nick. Any chance the handle can be replaced?


    • Hi Kerri,

      Great to hear you like our brooms. Unfortunately there is no way to just replace the handle, you will have to purchase a new broom. Riverina Cleaning Supplies, Wodonga and AT Jones, Albury both stock our brooms.

      Thanks for contacting us

  36. Hello, where can i buy your 7 tie brooms in Sydney? I live in Abbotsford 2046 [inner west]. Its wonderful to see that i can still get a good quality broom – i had given up until i found this website. Peter

    • Hi Peter
      You can buy our brooms from The Hardware Store in Alexandria & Balmain. They are both open 7 days a week and usually have 4 styles of brooms for sale. Maybe give them a call beforehand and check they have the 7 tie broom in stock. Hope you like our brooms!

  37. Hi, wondering if your brooms are available in Cooma or Canberra? Or if anyone in Sydney is stocking them.
    I think I need to have a proper broom again.
    Tim B

    • Hi Tim
      You can purchase our brooms at Powells Stockfeeds, Colbee Court Phillip in Canberra. You can also buy our brooms from The Hardware Store in both Alexandria & Balmain in Sydney.
      Hope you like our brooms.

  38. Hello I am interested in getting a whisk broom and a caravan broom and a kids broom can you tell me how to do that — do you have online sales?

    • Hi Rod

      Unfortunately we don’t have online sales but the Cleaning Shop in Kew , Melbourne sells our brooms on their website: http://www.thecleaningshop.com.au/

      You can also purchase our brooms directly from us (if you wish to order a minimum of 12 brooms) by contacting Geoff or Rob on (02) 6947 2804. We post them from the factory through StarTrack, there are 12 brooms per box and we will be able to give you a quote over the phone.

      Thanks for contacting us

  39. I bought one of your brooms at a market in Sydney a few years ago, but they are no longer sold there. Where can I buy them in Sydney?

    • Hi Minty
      Yes unfortunately the friend who was selling our brooms at the markets in Sydney is no longer able to do it. You can buy our brooms from The Hardware Store in Alexandria & Balmain. They are both open 7 days a week and have 4 styles of brooms in stock.
      Thanks for contacting us

  40. hello. I recently purchased a child’s broom from a toyshop. I would like to know how you sell them wholesale – I own Just White, Queen victoria’s toyshop in the QVB, Sydney. I have from time to time purchased brooms etc. from China but they are nowhere the quality of yours. I would be grateful for info if you would be happy for me sell them. Sincerely, Penelope Randall, Just White.

    • Hi Penelope
      You can purchase our brooms directly from us by contacting Geoff or Rob on (02) 6947 2804. We post them from the factory through StarTrack, there are 12 brooms per box and we will be able to give you a quote over the phone.
      Thanks for contacting us

  41. We’ve just been to the Moora Heavy Horse festival in Victoria and bought one of your brooms from a stall holder. I couldn’t believe my luck actually finding a broom made in Australia and one that no doubt will last me for years. Other brooms purchased lately have been made in China and have become mouldy without even getting wet. Will pass on your details to others still interested in buying True Blue Aussie made products, alas we are a dying breed.

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