Our Brooms


All brooms are handmade at the Factory, using 100% millet and quality Tasmanian oak handles.

Woolshed 7 Tie Cane Centre

Woolshed 7 Tie Cane Centre – The addition of a strong Cane Centre makes this broom ideal for outdoor areas

No 1 Tumut 7 Tie

No 1 Tumut 7 Tie – The perfect indoor broom

Traditional 6 Tie

Traditional 6 Tie – Slightly smaller than the No 1 Tumut, the Traditional 6 Tie is great for indoors too

Caravan Broom

Caravan Broom – Smaller size broom suitable for the caravan or tent

Kids Toy Broom

Kids Toy Broom – With a shorter handle that’s easy for small hands to maneuver, the Toy Broom is the perfect present for the kids


Whisk – Great for getting into all those nooks and crannies in your house