Tumut Broom Factory

Manufacturing handmade millet brooms since 1946

Phone/Fax: (02) 6947 2804

30 Adelong Road Tumut N.S.W. 2720

ABN: 47 498 464 824

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Please refer to our stockists for retail purchases

 Photo: Robyn MacRae


Broom Factory


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  1. Saw you boys on “Better Homes & Gardens”. So glad that you have carried on the tradition of making handmade “all natural material” brooms..always buy millet brooms..nothing sweeps better and they’re kind to the environment…keep up the good work 👍🏻😃
    PS Really luv ur “witchy style” brooms, could you advise of stockists near Penrith or Blue Mountains NSW.

  2. I absolutely love these brooms, my mum always used them . Thank you for continuing to make them, Can I order brooms to be sent to me ?

  3. I live in Coffs Harbour and want to know if you have a stockist in this area to purchase a wool shed broom

  4. Groff we just watched better homes and are impressed you still make brooms
    How much is 12 brooms including delivery to guildford
    Cheets for now carl paine

  5. Just saw your factory on Better Homes and Gardens. How wonderful. Can you buy your brooms anywhere else than your factory?
    Cheers Julie

  6. Would like some.prices and different types of brooms. Just watched on better homes and gardens. Would be ordering a box of twleve to be sent to northern rivers thanx Angie

  7. Hi just saw your Better Homes and Gardens segment, can you please advise how to purchase a wool shed broom for my daughter, and where to purchase your domestic brooms.
    I am sick of buying a mullet broom in the supermarket only to have it fall apart after a few uses.
    Keep up the good work, congratulations to you both.
    Thank you

  8. Hi there, I just saw your brooms on Better homes and gardens and I have to say I love your brooms… they definitely don’t make them like that anymore…. how much are they and how much to send to the Gold Coast QLD???

    Kind regards

  9. I watched you guys on channel 7 and I was impressed with your craft man ship. Where can I buy your brooms in Sydney. Can I buy it on your website. I love your work. Keep up the hard beautiful work.

  10. I just saw you on Better Homes and Gardens. How much are you barn brooms each? I saw in previous comments that they come in boxes of 12.
    I am in bathurst so could you estimate the postage cost.

  11. Good evening, could you tell me where I can get one of your brooms in Port Macquarie NSW. Or close by?


  12. Just watched the making of your beautiful brooms wish I could buy one up here in Mackay

  13. Hi .. was wondering if there was a stockist near Campbelltown NSW . Thanks

  14. How can we purchase your brooms? Can we buy online? Is there a supplier on the Sunshine Coast in Qld?

  15. Hi just seen your beautiful brooms on better homes just wondering if you sell them anywhere in toowoomba we’d or if you can order on line and how much thanks Vicki

  16. Hello Jack @ Bob, I have been looking for millot brooms for a long time and just watched you both on Better homes and Gardens and I am so happy to finally see the brooms are still being made. I would like to place an order please. Kind regards Lee-Anne Fintor

  17. Hi
    I’m interested in purchasing a broom
    I see I have to buy 12
    How much?
    Ok thanks in advance

  18. We are watching your broom factory on Better Homes and Gardens. It’s hard to get a good millet broom these days. Is it possible to purchase two outdoor brooms and get them posted to Toowoomba in Queensland? If so, how much would this cost?

  19. Any distributors in Victoria, or should we just come up for the weekend and come home with a great broom?
    Cheers Jarkko

  20. I just saw u on better home an Garden’s,
    I have a retail homewares store and would like to sell them ,
    Can u tell me wholesale price and colour of the string available

  21. Hi. I’m just curious as to how much a box of your brooms are please delivered to woombah 2469

  22. Hi…where can I buy a broom for our home, would luv one. We live in Ipswich, Qld 4305….thanks Denise

  23. Hi… do u have any stockists in Brisbane QLD ?
    Just saw your brooms on Better Homes and Gardens… they look great.

  24. Just saw your segment on better homes and gardens, great job guys it’s wonderful to see something still being made here in Australia. 👍

  25. Hi Geoff and Rob. Live the piece on better homes and gardens. Could you please give me a price for 12 brooms. Thankyou kindly. Debby Woodbridge

  26. Hello, where can i buy one of your brooms in southern sydney? Thanks, Sonia

  27. Hi there, are there any stockists of your brooms in Melbourne, or anywhere in Victoria?

  28. Just saw your business on Better Homes. I didn’t even realise one can get handmade brooms at this day and age. What a wonderful skill.
    I would love to have one of your brooms. Will be in contact.

  29. Unable to contact you via your number on this site (it rings as a fax signal). Can you please return a call on 0410251252 so I can organise purchase of brooms. Thankyou.

  30. Hi there. I was hoping to purchase 1 broom please?? I live in Echuca, Vic, 3620. Thankyou

  31. I love your brooms and also the gorgeous pics on your website!

    I am trying to get a completely wood fold out clothes airer. I guess you don’t make them but perhaps you might no someone who does. Thanks! Ginny

  32. Hi Gents
    I spoke to you yesterday about making a waxed furniture polisher.
    Could you leave a bundle of millet worth $15 for Chris Zammit to pick up tomorrow at the info centre?
    Ive been trying to ring but always get a fax.
    Plz ring me 0447 418 988

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