Tumut Broom Factory

Manufacturing handmade millet brooms since 1946

Phone/Fax: (02) 6947 2804

30 Adelong Road Tumut N.S.W. 2720

ABN: 47 498 464 824

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Please refer to our stockists for retail purchases

 Photo: Robyn MacRae


Broom Factory


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  1. Would love to buy your 7 ply stable brooms but have had troubles with red handles colouring my timber and brick walls . Can one have them with just plain timber handles.
    I have seen them somewhere but might not have been as strong a broom. I think Parkers of Turramurra maybe.
    Many thanks,
    Gabrielle King

  2. Your brooms seem to be exactly what I am looking for. I am fed up with the Asian rubbish that doesn’t move anything and falls to pieces very quickly. Do you have a stockist in Adelaide where I can buy one?

  3. Today 2nd dec2017 can you please advise where in adelaide i might be able to purchase one of your millet brooms ..thankyou.

  4. I live in Wallagaraugh Vic, b eing (effectively half way between Eden NSW, & Mallacoota Vic.) What is the best way to purchase of of your fine brooms? Thank you. Cheers. Graeme.

  5. Hi ,
    I would love to stock your straw brooms in my new store in Mittagong NSW … How do we go about this ?

    Kind regards Joh

  6. Hi, was wondering your opening hours for this week. I’m after just one straw broom, but every time I pop over there you have been closed!

  7. Hello,
    we are an organic pasta lab,we have open a rustic food and gift shop and we would like to order some Brooms to sell in our shop in Sydney Surry Hills, can you email me a price list.
    many thanks

  8. are you open over the christmas/new years period? we are traveling through the area and would love to stop in and view the process

  9. Hi, I’m not sure if you can help but my son has asked for a firebolt broomstick from santa for Christmas. We are a little bit stuck as the cheap ones are made of plastic and the other ones are ridiculously expensive!
    Do you /could you make anything similar (or even just the basic structure which we could then try and decorate to make more authentic!)? If so, can you give me a guide on cost, including postage as we are in Melbourne, Victoria. Or do you know of anywhere in Victoria where we might be able to find one?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,
    Kind regards,
    Penny Peetoom

    • Hi Penny, sorry for the delay in replying to you. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can sell. Thanks for contacting us, hope you found a firebolt for your son!

  10. Such a pity your brooms are not readily available in WA and some other parts of Australia. I recently had to settle for a cheap and nasty millet broom from a large hardware chain here-after about 5 minutes of sweeping a clump of the millet parted ways from the rest ! I had one of yours years ago-can’t remember how or where I acquired it but it lasted for years and years even after frequent heavy use.
    If you need an agent in WA keep me in mind !!

  11. A pity people in WA can’t easily get your brooms ! I looked around for a good one but had to settle for a cheap and nasty one from Bunnings- after 5 minutes of sweeping a cluster of the millet parted ways and it seems too ‘delicate’ to be long lasting. I had one of yours a long time ago and it lasted me for years. Need an agent in WA ?

  12. Hi there, we have a working property just outside of Bungendore- we wanted to purchase 6 brooms, do you deliver to Bungendore?

  13. CONGRATS for your Wonderful hand-made products and for your Longevity. SO Inspiring to be Thriving 😄 in this hostile small business environment. Thank you all 😇☺

    P.s.will be great when you can find a way to post out smaller quantities 😊

    • Where can I purchase one of your brooms? Either Sydney or the Hunter Valley thank you

    • Hi my name is Jacqui Kayes ,
      I watched a segment on better homes and gardens with your broom business …

      So I would love to purchase a broom and support your business .
      I’m located in Rockhampton 4701
      I read on your page having to buy 12 brooms to be posted .
      I was hoping we could work something out so I can have one of your brooms in by home ..

      I can be contacted via email or I do prefer phone 0400480874 .
      Thankyou for your time

  14. I purchased 1 of your brooms about 12 months or more ago at the Farmers Markets at Murwillumbah, NSW. It’s the best broom we’ve ever had!Can I buy 2 more through Paypal? I live at Terranora near Tweed Heads, NSW.

  15. Is it possible to get tradional besom.style brooms ? I am.looking for these for wedding brooms for my business. If not , is it possible to get millet only ?
    kind regards
    Corina Robinson

  16. HI,just inquiring as to whether you have an outlet for your brooms on the mid north coast of nsw ? Thanks Geoff

  17. I will be in touch next week to place an order. We love your product

  18. Do you have any stockists in or near Canberra. The two brooms I bought from you at the folk festival are on their last legs

  19. Where can I purchase one of your brooms – I live in Csnberra. Many thanks,

  20. Hi,
    Do you have any stockists in Shepparton, Victoria? I would love one of your brooms too.

  21. Hi
    I would love to order one but live in south Africa in Stellenbosch! The most beautiful brooms.I would love to purchase one. Can you email me with pricelist please.

    • Hi, apologies for the delay in replying to you. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to do online orders. Thanks for contacting us

  22. Hooks here I was given a 5 tie broom from “bluetongues ” father years ago &it doesn’t look like wearing out .best brooms out !

  23. Hi,
    We are travelling to Tasmania and would like to piurchase a caravan broom. Any suppliets there. We will be in Melbourne and live on sunshine coast queensland

    Many thanks
    Val Pickford

  24. Do you have an agent in Vic? I have one of your childrens brooms which I cut down to use as a whisk broom for my van. The shop in Castlemaine only stocked that one type. Great product.
    Jim @Warrong

  25. Hello, is there an email address I can contact you on? The phone keeps going to fax. I would like to inquire about purchasing bundles of Millet for a display.

  26. Dear Tumut Broom Factory team, I’m keen to purchase two of your brooms, we live in Sydney. Could you let me know if this is possible and how.
    Thanking you kindly Irene

  27. I live in Sydney on the north shore and work in the city. Is there a retailer where I can view and purchase one of your brooms? Thank you

    • Hi Kim,

      Unfortunately we do not have any stockists in Perth or anywhere in WA! You can purchase them directly from us by contacting Geoff or Rob on (02) 6947 2804, however there is a minimum of 12 brooms per box as we post them through StarTrack.

      Thanks for contacting us

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